Our Lounge

Lounge Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday  4pm to 10pm
Saturday  1pm to 12am
Sunday  1:30pm to 6pm

Lounge Rules

1. Club privileges shall be extended to Branch Members who hold a current membership card. Those members, who are on charge or under suspensions, will (shall) not be extended Branch privileges, until charges or suspension is completed.

2. Upon request of the Bar Stewart, or a member of the Executive Committee or the Sergeantat-Arms, proof of membership must be shown. (This can be requested at any time)

3. Any member of the Branch who is in good standing may register four (4) guests at one time.

4. The members concerned shall be responsible for the conduct of guest(s) and the guest(s) shall leave when the member leaves the premises.

5. All Legion Members and guests from other Branches will be required to sign our guest register; however they must show proof of Legion membership.

6. Under certain circumstances, special groups may be entertained as registered guests, if prior authority has been obtained from the Executive. (Members guests shall be limited to a three (3) time guest limit)

7. The Bar shall open during the hours specified by the A.G.C.O., or for fewer hours as set by the Executive Committee.

8. Members and guests shall vacate the premises no later than one half hour after the closing of the Bar.

9. All persons that have ceased to be a member of the Branch for any cause and any member who is delinquent in paymen:t of his or her dues shall not be allowed any privileges.

10. No person under the legal age as defined by the A.G.C.O., shall be allowed to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages on the premises.

11. Gambling will not be permitted on the premises.

12. Drunkenness or any riotous, quarrelsome, violent, or disorderly conduct is prohibited on the premises, including the parking lot and patio as per the A.G.C.O.

13. No game of pool, shuffleboard, darts, etc., shall begin after last call has been announced.

14. All alcoholic beverages shall be purchases and consumed ·within the licensed areas of the Branch.

15. Any member who violates section 13 must leave the Clubroom and shall be automatically be deprived of Bar privileges for Thirty days or until the Executive Committee holds a meeting and cancels, or upholds, or extends such loss of Bar privileges.

16. All tables shall be kept clear of empty bottles and glasses at all times, and the Bar Stewart has the right to refuse anyone who does not comply.

17. The Bar will be closed 15 minutes prior to a General Meeting and no Sports activities will commence.

18. No cheques willbe cashed by Branch 15.

19. The discussion of politics and religion shall be kept under control.

20. Members shall be liable for any damages they or their guests do to Branch property. Full restitution shall be made in lieu of appearing in small claims court.

21. Bar prices shall be established by the Executive committee.

22. Members are reminded that dress and appearance are important at all times. (i.e. cut off shorts, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter-tops, etc.) This will be under the Bar Stewarts discretion.

23. The Bar Staff is authorized to enforce these House Rules and Regulations with the full support of the A.G.C.O. and Executive.

24. Any member or guest that bas been cut off from bar privileges shall be asked to leave the premises immediately. The Bar Stewart is responsible for the conduct of persons attending our Branch, but can ask for assistance from any Executive members present.

25. Any guest of member, or others that bring alcohol or drugs onto the Branch Property or premises, shall be asked to leave immediately, and club privileges will be revoked until a decision at their hearing. This also includes all Zone, District, Provincial, and Dominion, sporting events.

Note: Please see pages 27 thru 38 of the General By-Laws of the Royal Canadian Legion Manual.

26. Ceremonial Headdress or Religious Headdress is allowed as per Dominion Command. However all other headgear will not be permitted, including funerals.

The Branch is now fully open. Come out and enjoy the comradeship and branch activities. To contact us call 905-451-9569 and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.