Veterans and the Legion Survey Report

Survey Report

In May of 2016, after witnessing the issues with recruiting and retention with the Royal Canadian Legion, the Executive Committee of Branch 15 set up an online survey to find out why Veterans are not joining the Legion in the hopes of attracting more Veterans to the Branch. The Survey went online on June 8th 2016 and ran until July 10th 2016. In that time, the survey reached over 18,000 people, was shared on Facebook 259 times and recorded 1606 individual responses. The scope of the survey was far exceeded and the scope of the report grew in response to the overwhelming response the survey received. In addition to Legion supporters and Veterans at large, vocal critics of the Legion mentioned Branch 15 as being a lone progressive Branch and encouraged fellow Veterans to fill out the survey.

“I don’t know if in the end this will make any difference at all but at least someone is finally asking for our input. I would recommend any of my friends who have served or are still serving take a minute and fill this survey out. Be brutally honest when you do and we’ll see what happens.”          Brad Hart on Facebook

Facebook Survey PostThe following questions were asked:

    • Are you still serving or a Veteran?
    • What branch(es) did you serve in?
    • Are you a recipient of VAC benefits or pension?
    • How old are you?
    • What province/territory do you live in?
    • What city do you live in?
    • Are you a member of the Legion?
  • The following questions were only available to people who answered No to the above question:
    • Why haven’t you joined?
    • What changes could the Legion make to convince you or other Veterans to join?


  • Which Veterans organization do you feel is best suited to advocate on behalf of Veterans with the Government?
    • Why?
  • Which Veterans organization do you feel is best suited to care for Veterans?
    • Why?
  • Which Veterans organization do you feel is best suited to help Veterans with their VAC claim(s)?
    • Why?
  • What changes do you think the Legion should embrace?
  • Do you have any final comments you’d like to offer?

To those who took the time to fill out the survey, thank you. The survey results were processed and generated the following report. Some of the comments contained in the report may cause an emotional reaction, reader discretion is advised. 

Survey Data
Survey Data
Executive Summary to the Survey Report

Full Survey Report

Raw Data  


Disclaimer: The report published is generated by Branch 15 and is not an official document of the Royal Canadian Legion and should not be considered as such. Comments and suggestions contained in the report are for informational purposes only. Out of respect to the Veteran Community and those who took the time to complete the survey, the results are published online freely.

The purpose of the survey is to measure the attitude of the respondents with respect to their view of the Royal Canadian Legion, The Author can make no comment of the veracity of the allegations contain herein made by respondents, but include them to demonstrate the viewpoints of many respondents as a demonstration of the attitude some hold of the reputation of the Legion as a whole. By their inclusion herein, neither the Author nor Royal Canadian Legion Branch 15 make any statement whatsoever as to any specific allegation expressed or implied as to the reasonableness or veracity of the allegation, but simply state that these are the views some respondents hold.

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